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73 Links and Photos That Will Make Your Photography Better

From Toad Hollow via Lightstalking

“It’s been a truly wonderful week online in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy collecting the best set of links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This is a really great list highlighting wonderful work by some of the best photographers who are active online, and we hope you enjoy looking at these pieces as much as the Toad did in bringing them to you.”….MORE

Here is a taste of all that lovliness

almost may by paul (dex), on Flickr

Check out the Toad’s photoblog featuring Canadian landscapes and historical artifacts, and his Fine Art Landscape Photography website.


Ask JoeB: Chainlink Fence – another wonderful and highly informative blog post from Joe Baraban discusses textures and lines in art.  The image being critiqued is just wonderful, producing fabulous leading lines and a frame for the slightly out of focus window in the background.  This is a truly wonderful post sure to teach almost everyone something about image composition, and specifically photography.

Ask JoeB: Zoom Range – another post from Joe Baraban delivers a critique on a specific composition.  The comments and thoughts he shares with the reader are guaranteed to help almost everyone with their image compositions, producing a post that is a real gem in this weeks links list.  This quick read is well worth the time to visit.

Photography Exercise That Teaches You How to Shoot Better – a wonderful tutorial exercise that is spot-on and will undoubtedly help everyone who reads it create better compositions in their own craft.  This short article is full of details on a great concept that I am just heading out the door to try myself…

Bringing Beauty Home with Panoramas – master photographer Lee Brown shares with us a truly breathtaking panorama landscape photo, but he also does one better by sharing some really great tips and tricks for capturing these types of images.  Lee goes into pretty great detail in this post, discussing some of the more technical points behind the challenges that are encountered with panoramas.


Learning to See Part 9 – our very own @tomdinning continues his running series “Learning to See” with this absolutely profound post.  Magic, indeed, is seen, captured and shared by Tom in this epic article, leaving the reader with a strong sense of the profound, as well as a renewed eye to the craft.  Once again, the harshest critic is ourselves, and when we look through all the rules and geometry that intrinsically makes up the art of photography, and more generally, imagery, we find ourselves.

The Shed – moody, eerie, dramatic and absolutely wonderful!  This incredible black and white image as photographed and shared by Jim Denham delivers a piece of imagery that is compelling and captivating; a must see shot in this weeks list for sure!

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