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Urbex – Talkurbex

I posted about Urbex, the sort of underground (in some cases literally) movement that explores urban landscapes and architecture, mostly abandoned it would seem, and photographs them. They have a standing piece of self imposed law, “take only pictures, leave nothing but footprints” I must say this is close to my personal philosophy of life.

The previous post of Urbex has been very popular and I have explored the subject area further myself and the most useful and interesting site I have found so far is Talkurbex. This is a forum site which has advice on every aspect of the subject area, these are some of the things they say

“Talk Urbex is the global resource for urban explorers. We have combined our passion for exploring abandoned architecture with advanced photographic techniques to showcase many of the amazing locations around the world.The world is full of abandoned architecture, all you have to do is open your mind…The Talk Urbex group are working to create a documented historic account of significant locations across the world. You can find location photoshoots with photographic and historic accounts of the industrial, care institution, underground, infiltration and much more…Talk Urbex has many of members that are continually pushing the boundaries of technical photography. We are profiling much of this work in the Talk Urbex Portfolio Showcase section which has some of the most amazing images as well as working on photography/post processing tutorials…”

If you have found this an area that attracts you I would recommend you head over to Talkurbex, it is an excellent rescource.

Here are some images from their site

Copyright All rights reserved by Zeami

There are many more images on the Talkurbex gallery here is the link

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