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Daily Archives: February 1, 2012

Tokyo photobloggers gallery

The Guardian has a whole Tokyo thing going on at the moment, so this is also from their pages, the full set of images can be seen here

“As part of our Tokyo city guide, we asked locals photo bloggers and photographers to pick their two favourite images of the city. View their selections below … from ninjas on the metro to snowfall in Shibuya.

From Lee Chapman of the Tokyo Times blog: “It’s true that Tokyoites work hard, but in a country of hobbyists, they are often equally committed to the more pleasurable things in life too, and of all the amateur painters, musicians and sports lovers I’ve seen, the dedication of this particular man was a genuine joy to see.”

Adrian Storey/Uchujin: “The city that invented the term ‘karoshi’ (death from over work) and a culture of alcohol abuse takes it’s toll on another salaryman”

From Lee Chapman of the Tokyo Times blog: “Despite Tokyo’s much-touted modernity, it’s often a very thin veneer that masks a surprisingly traditional city, and this lovely old lady in some ways embodies that, as well as highlighting the ageing of Japanese society as a whole.”

Yayoi Kusama – in pictures

Not exactly photography but these are photographs of installations.

“The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama transformed a completely white room, including furniture, into a spectacle featuring her signature dots, helped by children who visited the exhibition over two weeks and placed brightly coloured stickers throughout the installation at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane. The interactive children’s project is part of Kusama’s Look Now, See Forever exhibition. Kusama will also have a major exhibition at London’s Tate Modern from 9 February. “ from The Guardian, see more of the images here

Photograph: Stuart Addelsee/Rex Features/Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo

Photograph: Mark Sherwood/Rex Features/Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo