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Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Usually images that rely upon manipulation leave me without much to do and uninterested, I think the best images, in fact art of any sort, is that which requires me to work hard to understand, to puzzle out the meaning. These though have a quirky fun about them and so are worth recommending

I am not sure what the opening paragraph is about, perhaps you had to be there, but the photographs brought by Quiet Lunch from Rosie Hardy are certainly worth a look

6 Elements of Design for Striking Photographs

One of my favourite sites for tutorials and tips is the Photo Tuts site, I can’t help thinking they deserve a better name, but there you go. This tutorial on creating a well designed image hits all the button

What makes a striking photo? Often, it’s merely ordinary things composed in an ordinary manner. That’s because they always tend to have a single theme or idea, and because clutter is kept to a minimum. They are simple, true, and sincere. Today we’re looking at the elements of design (line, shape, form, texture, color etc) that can turn a simple subject into a striking photo.

 Successful photos rely on order, and the main elements that bring and emphasize order in a composition are: line, shape, form, texture, pattern, and color. Every photograph, intentionally or not, contains one or more of these element, which are known as the elements of design.

All of these elements have a huge impact on a photo, especially the line, texture, and color. Usually we recognize and utilize these elements unconsciously. This depends on the individual’s sensitivity to the different visual components out there, and is very much affected by the person’s memories and life experiences that are registered on their own personal mind tape.”…..MORE

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Rob Judges Exhibition – The Radcliffe Infirmary

Rob has been a friend of ours for many years and I am extremely jealous that he managed to get into the Radcliffe Infirmary after it had closed down and before rebuilding took place. I used all the contacts I had to do the same and still had no success, hats of to Rob, he is better connected. Here is a link to Rob’s site