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The falling man: the art of Kerry Skarbakka – in pictures

These are really great, funny, clever, disturbing. Typical that some people decided the photographer must be parodying the tragedy of 9/11 when clearly his images have nothing to do with it. From the Guardian a small gallery

Arizona-based artist Kerry Skarbakka has received both awards and death threats for his controversial ‘falling man’ images. His work in Chicago sparked outrage when it was interpreted by some as a recreation of the tragic jumpers from the World Trade Centre on 9/11. Others have praised the 42-year-old for his insight and he was named an up-and-coming star on the NBC Today Show. This is his latest set of images

The Falling Man

Skarbakka falls down a set of stairs at a house in Prescott, ArizonaPhotograph: Kerry Skarbakka/Barcroft Media


Domestic: Mr Skarbakka photographed himself falling from a step ladder at his home in Prescott, Arizona

The Falling Man

A naked plunge into a bath. He says: ‘Most people are amazed by the work and immediately wonder how I did it – or if I get hurt’Photograph: Kerry Skarbakka/Barcroft Media

See all the pictures here

I have looked around for Kerry Skarbakka website but can find none, if you manage let me know, ta.


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