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Martin Parr to curate new Open Eye Gallery exhibitions

Joanna Cresswell in the BJP reports:

“The newly re-opened Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool has announced the launch of two new major exhibitions in association with photographer Martin Parr as one of the highlights of the years’ inaugural programme.

Richard & Famous curated by Martin Parr, examines celebrity culture and showcases a selection of work by photographers Richard Simpkin and Simone Lueck.

Simpkin is an Australian photographer and ‘star-hunter’ whose work questions identity and social boundaries. What began as a personal urge to photograph himself with celebrities soon became a lifelong project resulting in a vast collection of over 1000 images. “Knowing how difficult it is to get access to celebrities in this day and age, it is an awesome achievement, and turns his whole game into a compelling piece of art”, Parr says of the work.

LA-based Lueck’s work reflects on ideas of gender, self-image and mortality. Her project The Once and Future Queens sees the results of what happened when the artist posted an advert on Craigslist inviting older women to be photographed in the guise of their favourite film star.”..……MORE

Image © Simone Lueck.

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