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Daily Archives: January 30, 2012

Urbex (urban explorers with cameras)

My friend Andy showed me a book of his at the weekend about Urbex. This is a…..movement, loose grouping, bunch of passionate individuals who like to explore abandoned buildings and photograph them. The ‘movement’ is international and there are forums from many countries where people post about buildings they have found and sometimes they post their pictures too.

Here are links to some of those forums

Talkingurbex this link opens in their gallery

28 Days Later

Urbex UK

American Urbex

urbex : salve mater 3 by ~cbdphotography


The book in questions that piqued my interest was called Beauty in Decay, it is a photography book featuring 14 different photographers from all over the place. The pictures are predominately HDR representations which give all the images a sort of Giger look, (the guy who designed the sets for Ridley Scott’s Alien movie)You know how it is, you find out about something and suddenly you see it everywhere, so my surprise was not elevated beyond a mild jolt when a new follower of this blog also had an interest and had done some urban exploring of his own. Chris Maskell has some really nice images on his blog site here this is one from a girls school

Chris Maskell