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Daily Archives: March 7, 2013

The falling man: the art of Kerry Skarbakka – in pictures

These are really great, funny, clever, disturbing. Typical that some people decided the photographer must be parodying the tragedy of 9/11 when clearly his images have nothing to do with it. From the Guardian a small gallery

Arizona-based artist Kerry Skarbakka has received both awards and death threats for his controversial ‘falling man’ images. His work in Chicago sparked outrage when it was interpreted by some as a recreation of the tragic jumpers from the World Trade Centre on 9/11. Others have praised the 42-year-old for his insight and he was named an up-and-coming star on the NBC Today Show. This is his latest set of images

The Falling Man

Skarbakka falls down a set of stairs at a house in Prescott, ArizonaPhotograph: Kerry Skarbakka/Barcroft Media


Domestic: Mr Skarbakka photographed himself falling from a step ladder at his home in Prescott, Arizona

The Falling Man

A naked plunge into a bath. He says: ‘Most people are amazed by the work and immediately wonder how I did it – or if I get hurt’Photograph: Kerry Skarbakka/Barcroft Media

See all the pictures here

I have looked around for Kerry Skarbakka website but can find none, if you manage let me know, ta.


Mammal Society Photographer of the Year

It seems that there are organisations for just about every area of wildlife photography, these rather wonderful images found on the Guardian website show a great diversity of subject matter and techniques. What I find most interesting is the number of photographers who have spent time either creating an environment or studying their subjects before getting the winning shots. See the full gallery here

Photographer of the Year 2013

Third place: Wood mouse with blackberry by Gary Cox 

‘I noticed several woodmice and a vole were feeding on seeds falling from the bird table, so I built a nearby enclosed feeding table at ground level just for the small rodents. By gradually raising it a little way off the ground the mice/voles would go up a strategically placed ramp. When they were used to this I replaced the ramp with a blackberry stem which they readily took to. They would often grab an item and run back down the stem carrying it. I placed a few blackberries and hazelnuts on the feeder which were eagerly carried off. The best time to photograph them was very early in the morning using several flashguns which also helped to freeze the movement’Photograph: Gary Cox/Mammal Society Photographer of the Year 2013

Photographer of the Year 2013

Highly commended: Leaping squirrel by Austin Thomas

‘This picture was taken in the Cairngorms national park in the summer of 2012. The area has a healthy population of red squirrels and a friend of mine has been feeding them for some time so I went along to photograph them. I had noticed that the squirrels would very often approach and leave the feeding area by the same route. Just out of the picture are some tall trees that the squirrels would run towards at any time they became disturbed. Having understood their preferred path I set up my camera to try and record the action of the squirrel. This picture was my favourite from a very enjoyable afternoon’Photograph: Austin Thomas/Mammal Society Photographer of the Year 2013

The Mammal Society website can be found here