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The Best of the Year – 600 posts and counting

We have been posting to this blog for a year now and this, rather conveniently this is our 600 post, nice round number, 50 a month just over 11 a week. In the year I think we have found some really great photographers, excellent tutorials and outstanding commentaries and have laid them here for you to learn from and enjoy. This is a sample of some of our personal favourites in no particular order

Steve McCurry’s Blog

Learn Lightroom in a Week – Day 2: Import And Viewing

this series Days 1 – 7 is one of the best tutorials we have featured

Advice from 35 Magnum Photographers to Aspiring Photographers

Seven Steps Toward Becoming A More Creative Photographer

Utterly fantastic North Korea by David Guttenfelder

dreams part 2

HDR Tutorial – Everything you need to know about HDR Photography

Masters of Photography – their thoughts and ideas

Entropy everything is meant to evolve.

Giving a good photo critique How to help your friends become a better photographer

Gigapixel the Gigapan revolution, photography Jim but not as you know it

Carli Davidson – Photographer

Diane Arbus: humanist or voyeur?

150 unmissable photography sites

40 Miniature-Like Tilt Shift Photography Pictures

37 Websites Every Photographer Should be Reading

12 Unmissable Tutorials on High Key Photography

Travel and Landscape Photography by Brian Jannsen

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