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150 unmissable photography sites

so as we know the great thing about the web is that all the information you need is out there, the problem is finding it. I spend a lot of time looking at photography related sites and apart from a problem with categorising them in my bookmarks there are also so many. When a site like Pixiq creates a blog post titled “150 unmissable photography sites” it is worth checking out.

“A few years ago, I wrote a post highlighting some of my favourite photography sites, and it quickly became one of my most-commented posts. It turns out that despite the fact that I included lots of sites, it was never enough. Now, I’m not much of the bookmarking type, and so as time went on, I never really kept a record of my favourite sites.

Until recently, that is. About six months ago, I started a new blog post, tentatively titled “100 great photography sites”, but I quickly discovered that there are many more than 100 fantastic sites out there. Then, the post completely ballooned out of control, as I tried to write descriptions and a bit of information about each of the sites I had collected.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… 150 photography sites that will waste most of your month, if you’ll let them.”  if you want to see this list of unmissables go here

Here is the top 5

1 – Flickr

A fantastic community-based site that enables user to create profiles and upload, tag, and organize their photos to share with friends and family. It also has groups so users can share photos about similar topics, themes, or concepts.

2 – Digital Photography Review

Probably the most viewed website for getting reviews about the latest classic cameras and accessories. Enables users to compare various cameras, and find images and specifications. Members can also comment, ask questions and post topics in the forums. Easily the best place to research your next camera!

3 – Small Aperture

Small Aperture writes about photography ‘stuff’. Anything goes, really, from new cameras to their own monthly photo competition, via the odd rant and tutorial. But they’re as irreverent, unstuffy, informal, quirky, and opinionated as they can get away with, which is a breath of fresh air. It’s pictures, cameras, websites, and exhibitions on too much caffeine and sugar.

4 – Photo Competitions

If you are interested in amateur or professional photography competitions, visit this website to take part in almost all aspects of photography contests like landscape, nature, travel, wildlife, cities, culture, underwater adventure and many more.

5 – The Luminous Landscape

Those who love nature and landscape photography will find vital information, latest news, tips, and tricks on this website. People will also find out some relevant and valuable articles on various topics related to landscape photography.

from William Eggleston’s Guide



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