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André Kertész: the photographer’s photographer – in pictures

Henri Cartier-Bresson said: ‘Each time André Kertész’s shutter clicks, I feel his heart beating.’ Now, the Hungarian artist who pioneered photojournalism, influencing Cartier-Bresson and Brassaï, is back in the spotlight. To mark the 120th anniversary of his birth, France’s Artcurial is auctioning some of his most notable images – from a candid shot of Colette to a bricks-and-mortar view of the Eiffel Tower




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Eyewitness: Hungarian Photography in the 20th Century – 30 June—2 October 2011

Everyone who has seen this has reported back that it is an excellent and unmissable exhibition.

Brassaï, Robert Capa, André Kertész, László Moholy-Nagy and Martin Munkácsi each left Hungary to make their names in Germany, France and the USA, and are now known for the profound changes they brought about in photojournalism, as well as abstract, fashion and art photography. At The RA London

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