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Are you a good photographer? 9 simple ways to tell

Yep this article on Photoventure, if lighthearted is absolutely on the button, you cannot argue with any of these points, you may add some of your own and I would like to hear them. For me  no. 4 is the most important, after all it is light, right?

How do you define a good photographer? Someone who takes photos that you’d never dream of or dare to take? A photographer who has an image in mind long before they hold a camera to their eye? A photographer whose equipment is worth more than the car they drive it around in? Well, for our money, you know you’re a good photographer when…

1. You delete fewer shots for technical reasons

2. You don’t care what camera you’re using

3. You get angry when you don’t have a camera with you

4. You worry about light

see the rest here, they are all worth considering

here is a beautiful picture by Sabastiao Salagado who worries about light!




One response to “Are you a good photographer? 9 simple ways to tell

  1. brerterrapin July 11, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    If you’re most worried about the light when there’s an elephant charging you, then you’re a real photographer…

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