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Daily Archives: July 14, 2014

The Exposure Triangle and all that

I have posted about this before but as it is the core of what we do as photographers I feel it is worth giving it another airing. Exposure is the gathering in of the correct quantity of light so that our images are neither too light or too dark. Our controls are the aperture and the shutter plus the ISO, these work in conjunction with the light meter in the camera. Understanding this relationship and the impact ut has on your images is fundamental to being a photographer. This article from Digital Photo School is pretty good at explaining this so have a look. If you would like to understand more you might be interested in our DSLR courses or one of our 1 Day DSLR Workshops

World Cup 2014: 25 of the best photos from Brazil

From The Guardian: Our sports picture editor rounds up the highlights from the tournament in Brazil and explains why these photographs stood out from the 250,000 shots we’ve received over the past month
• Check out 25 of the best World Cup photos of all time

Round of 16 - Netherlands vs Mexico

Arjen Robben’s histrionics against Mexico in their last-16 encounter would have you believe he’s been whacked around the back of the head with a shovel. Behind him, Rafael Márquez pleads his innocence, but replays showed there was some contact between the two players. Enough for a penalty? Perhaps not. Either way, Robben’s swan-dive is caught nicely in this photograph


Visualize for Black and White While You Shoot

The very best black and white results are achieved by shooting RAW and converting to monochrome in Photoshop but to see your bw image on your camera monitor you have to set the camera up to show bw but record in RAW. This short tutorial explains how…

Paul Fowler, Black & White Digital photography course OSP

Jay Tomasso Black and White Digital course OSP