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Daily Archives: July 7, 2014

How to Plan the Ultimate Family Portrait

Most people spend sometime with their families during this holiday period and it is the best opportunity to get a family portrait.

The reason very few people are excited about having a family portrait done is because they usually lack creativity, involve standing around with fake smiles and wearing a matching outfit with the rest of your family.  BORING! So how are you going to get a less boring picture of your family?

Taking the ultimate family portrait is about capturing moments within the family dynamic, it goes beyond lining family members up from tallest to shortest or putting on white button down shirts, khaki pants and sitting on a beach.  Think outside the box and look beyond normal standards for ways to get a group shot unlike any other your family, or your client has ever seen!   Read more: Light Stalking » How to Plan the Ultimate Family Portrait

If your family is less typical maybe a shot like this