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HDR software is now omnipresent so your choice is dependent on how much work and how much control you want. This advice may help you to get started on making a choice

A Brief Moment in Time

I’m a long term Photomatix user, I’ve tried other HDR software but not liked the workflow or results. The new version of Nik’s HDR Effex promises plenty but can it deliver?

The image above was processed in Photomatix Pro 4.1, using my normal custom setting for Urbex; basically Painterly preset with a few changes to the controls to give a slightly de saturated look without too much in grunge.

The 2nd shot is processed in Nik HDR Effex using the Grannys cottage preset with minor adjustments to the finishing selection. This has a lot more colour and more of a grunge feel.

To make things fair I made no adjustments in Photoshop other than levels so these are both effectively straight from the respective program.

Both images were from 7 exposure RAW files at 1EV spacing. With Nik you can process directly from Bridge or Lightroom, but I needed to drag…

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