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Daily Archives: March 12, 2012

Why buy a compact camera – Three contenders … compact digital cameras

There is no doubt that compact camera sales are falling in the face of smartphones with cameras. But is this such a good thing if you care about taking pictures? This article in The Canberra Times addresses some of the reasons why a camera is better than a phone and makes suggestions as to which camera you might choose.

COMPACT digital cameras are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, many people with high-end smartphones no longer feel the need to carry a separate camera for happy snaps. On the other hand, people who care about picture quality often make the leap to hefty digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras.

So, who does that leave? People who don’t own a smartphone, happy snappers who care about picture quality and serious photographers who don’t want to lug around an SLR. For less than $200 you’ll find cameras that outgun most smartphones.”



250 photography tutorials

The people over at Pixiq have come up with a list of 250 tutorials you might need. I haven’t been into them all to check them out (naturally) but I am sure you will find something useful. Here is a link to their site

and here is a a taste, the first three, so only 247 left to look at

1 – Digital Basics

It happens rarely that I find an article that seems to cover all the basics of digital photography, but this article hits the spot very nicely indeed. It’s a one-shot introduction to the basics – nearly as good as buying one of my books! 🙂

Get the full skinny at Digital Basics on Photo Pursue

2 – Learn Photography in Five Steps

Panning. I think I cried the first time that I tried it. I might’ve had a better experience with this clear, five-step tutorial to capturing moving subjects.

Find it all on Learn Photography in Five Steps on Step By Step Photography

3 – Working with Models for that Perfect Wide-Angle Photo

So you’ve tried your hand at underwater photography and you love it. Now you want to try something a bit more advanced. How about including a model? Here’s how…

There’s more at Working with Models for that Perfect Wide-Angle Photo on Stephen Frink

4 – Avoiding the evil of red-eye

If you’re using a compact camera, red-eye can turn a portrait of your best friend into a picture of the devil incarnate. This guide explains what red eye is, how it happens, and how to avoid it.

Read more on Avoiding the evil of red-eye on Small Aperture

MORE can be found here

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Photography Competition Oxford – Together

On the theme of ‘Together” Art Jericho has organised a photography comptetion, here are the details.
Submissions to be received by 20 July 2012Film or digital image; working print, CD or

digital submission accepted

Submission fee :

£10 single image, £5 subsequent images (non-returnable)

Selected pieces to be available ready to hang 12 August 2012

Exhibition of selected pieces:

23 August-16 September 2012

Prizes: £250/ £100/ £50

Contact: artjericho@hotmail.co.uk King Street Oxford OX2 6DF

All entries should be accompanied by clear information:

name/ contact details/ title(s) of image(s) & submission fee.

All images selected for exhibition should be signed.

Printed submissions should be securely packaged.

Printed or CD submissions that are not selected can returned if requested –

if postage and an address label are included,

or may be collected in person from the gallery.

(Entries may be delivered by hand during gallery hours 11-5 Wed-Sat; Sun 1-5)

Submission fee: £10 for 1 image, £5 for each further image.

(Cheques payable to Art Jericho)

All work to be original.

Monochrome, toned or colour work accepted.

Details from Art Jericho