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Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

Stunning Portraits from the Islamic World

“Anyone who is lucky enough to have traveled anywhere in the Islamic world will know it is a trove of diversity, colour and remarkable photographic opportunities. As in most travel spots, chief among the photographic opportunities are the people. We think this collection shows a good spread of what can be achieved with portraits when traveling in many places of the Islamic world and might even have you reaching for your passport.”  by Lightstalking  SEE the full set of images here

©Keith Barnes

The Secrets to Successful Black and White Portraits

This article on Lighstalking by   gives sound advice on getting better black and white portraits. We run a very successful Black and White digital photography course that covers all this and more, details are here

“Black and white photographs can portray a higher level of timelessness than color images. The lack of color also gives us a better sense of the time and mood behind a portrait.  Because of these characteristics, black and white photography has maintained a strong presence in portraiture. Since the eye perceives black and white photography differently than color photography, the process behind creating compelling black and white portraits is also a little different.” Here are a few pointers to get you started:

©Keith Barnes

©Keith Barnes