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Monitor Calibration


“For some strange reason, a whole bunch of things related to monitor calibration have been top of mind: I had my second monitor lose its recognition by my computer so it started displaying strangely; I have had a bunch of students at BetterPhoto.com struggling with the look of images because their monitors were not calibrated; and a friend of mine who works in public relations wanted me to try some new calibration tools from X-Rite! There seemed to be a message that I should do something on monitor calibration.

First, let me say that monitor calibration is a bit like flossing your teeth — sure, you know it needs to be done, but it is not a particularly exciting part of digital photography. It does make a big difference to your images, and all monitors generally need some calibration in order to look their best. I had a student who was convinced that no calibration was necessary with their iMac. I use an iMac and it is a bit too bright and contrasty from the factory — it definitely needed calibration!

This is a good point made well, the rest of the article is equally useful from Outdoor Photographer….more

Monitor Calibration.


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