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Daily Archives: September 23, 2011

Amazing Photography Links, Tuts and Images You May Have Missed

Bad day today, going to say farewell to Paul.

So just one post but a piece so full of goodies it will keep you occupied all weekend.

“It has been a very active week online in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been interacting with photographers and combing for links to the very best content to share with everyone here.  This weeks list contains a great series of tutorials, photography and blogs to enjoy by some of the industry leaders.  We certainly hope you have a great time going through this list.”.……more  By via Lightstalking

Here is a little taste


TWiT Photo, Episode 24: Alex Koloskov and liquid photography – one of the worlds leading professional product photographers, Alex Koloskov, shares with us two just incredible images, one taken under pressure in less than 10 minutes; all the time while being on the TWiT episode live.  Links are available to take the visitor to a video tutorial on how he does this style of work, and is sure to amaze everyone.

Cloned Self Portraits: How I Do It – this incredible blog post is not new this week, but hit our radar and we thought it was a fabulous tutorial well worth sharing with a wider audience here.  A very complex and tricky method is discussed by Viveca Koh, describing in great detail how to go about creating this very different and interesting style of imagery.


ECVB – Organ Pipes – Mark Blundell delivers an absolutely breathtaking 360* panorama shot composed of 162 individual images; one of the highlights of the weeks list.  This industrial urbex presentation is unlike anything widely seen before and is absolutely guaranteed to amaze!

In The Beginning… – world-class photographer and writer Tom Dinning shares with us a poignant and profound piece sure to stir the human being within us all.  Extremely inspirational and a call to action this blog is sure to speak to the passion found in incredible imagery.


Food for Thought: Hungry in New Mexico – a new blog from an absolutely incredible photographer, Jim Hunter, that showcases a really wonderful cause to get behind.  His new project is just getting off the ground and we are looking forward to following along as the story unfolds.

The Climate Reality Project–Are these natural disasters caused by climate change? – the explosion of a Chilean volcano creates the setting for this amazing set of photographs.  The results of this natural disaster are documented and shared in this blog post.

As the warmth of the sun leaves my back… by Jack Batchelor, on Flickr