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Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

Where to study photography in the UK

Over here at OSP towers we offer a wide range of courses which are aimed at recreational photographers, so we don’t offer courses with qualifications. However many people use our courses as a means of getting skills and a portfolio together to start formal photography study. On this basis I regularly get asked about further study and degree courses and although this might be a bit late for this year, maybe not here is a good place to start looking.

We have a new series of courses starting this term, we have already kicked of with our very popular Understanding your DSLR Camera, don’t worry if you missed it because we have more of the same running this term. Here is a list of the courses we have on offer before the end of the year.

Understanding Your Digital SLR:start dates: 7.9.11, 4.10.11; 2.11.11; 5.11.11(Saturday morning)

Understanding Your Digital Compact Camera – starts: 1.11.11

Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements – starts 13.10.11 6 sessions, (there is a mid course break on 3rd Nov.)

Composition In Photography – Seeing Pictures – starts 6.10.11

Portrait Photography: – starts: 5.10.11

Intermediate Photography – starts: 3.10.11

Black and White Digital Photography – starts new term 2012

Travel Photography starts 3.11.11

One Day Understanding Your DSLR – 25.09.11; 22.10.11; 27.11.11

Most courses are 4 sessions one per week, (Photoshop and Intermediate Photography are 6 sessions) all run on consecutive weeks from start dates. 1 Day DSLR is a one day course, there are 3 dates this term

To book a place please send us an email with the course title and start date you wish to attend

The reference to OSP towers was of course fanciful, we do not have towers but  most suitable premises in the heart of trendy East Oxford. We also use the facilities at Oxford Brookes University for some of our courses



5 Ideas to Kick Start Your Photography Again

This useful little article by Darren Rowse over at Digital Photography School might be just what you need to get going again

“Last week I was speaking with an amateur photographer who told me that he’s been struggling for photographic inspiration and ideas lately.

He reflected that he felt like he’d become something of a lazy photographer and was in a bit of a rut – always photographing the same things in the same ways.

I shared a number of ideas from my own experiences of seeking photographic inspiration (some of which I’ll share below) but it struck me halfway through the conversation that a lot of the ideas I was suggesting was actually about him limiting himself in his photography in some way – in order to find inspiration.”...more