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Flash Photography: buying a flash and flash photography course

How to buy a flashgun: the most important features every photographer should have

This article on Digital Camera World explains about what to look for when buying a flash but if you need more help then we have our Flash Photography Course starting on 29th May

This course is designed to help you understand the use of flash; on camera, off camera and in a studio.

In recent years there has been an interest in using flash off camera and various bits of camera gear have hit the market to make this possible, we look at these and aim to give advice as to which are best value and how to make most use of them. During the course we plan to identify ways in which you can use flash more creatively and will look at the use of flash guns as supplementary light sources, as fill in light, as highlight introducers (catch lights) and how we can use flash during the day as well as at night to better effect.

It is assumed you already have a full understanding of your DSLR, no camera use will be explained on this course, and you probably already have an external flash gun although this is not essential and you may wish to delay purchasing until you have completed the course. Areas covered include: studio flash lights, how and why to use them; metering; on camera flash; off camera flash; coloured flash; syncing off camera flash guns using radio triggers; light modifyers; backgrounds; lighting stands, clamps, reflectors and setting up.”


A full-sized flashgun delivers the potential for versatile lighting techniques in wide-ranging conditions. In this quick buyer’s guide we’ll explain how to buy a flashgun by revealing some of the most important features every photographer will want to have. Too many flashguns never see the light of day. They’re stashed away, only brought out after dark or for shooting in gloomy interiors.
So if you have a flash gun or plan on buying one this article will be of use to you

One response to “Flash Photography: buying a flash and flash photography course

  1. oxfordschoolofphotography May 16, 2014 at 11:00 am

    I have just bought a Canon 600EX from Simply Electronics, arrived in the best padded jacket I have ever seen. Delivery time was a bit of a drag, 2 weeks but the best price I could find.

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