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The Transformative Power Of Light In Photography: Marie Laigneau

On Faded+Blurred there are some wonderful articles and spotlights on photographers, this caught my eye particularly as I have worked on a series called Eternal Light for more than 30 years

One of the things I absolutely love about photography is that initial feeling of discovery in seeing the work of someone new for the very first time. Recently, I came across the portfolio of Chicago-based street photographer Marie Laigneau, whose work is absolutely terrific. In addition to her fabulous photography, her blog offers up some valuable insights into refining the craft of photography. One such post prompted me to email Marie and ask her if she would allow me to share it here on Faded + Blurred. In it, Marie offers some great observations on how light can affect not only the aesthetic value of a photograph, but also our emotional connection to it. Enjoy.

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