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in winter sunlight …

finding things to captivate even when it is raining

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I sat in the hallway trying to find some focus as I shifted between writing projects.  But focus was not coming and so at last, a bit agitated, I started to rise.  That’s when my eyes fell upon a clear vase.  In fact it was a drinking cup that I’d turned into a vase after the plastic had begun to crack.  It held an inch or so of water and a few sprigs of baby’s breath.

The sunlight shone through it magnificently, and somehow that light brought a great sense of calm.

I shook the vase to let the light dance.

Then some petals fell in casting their shadows.

And then I could not resist … I dunked in several sprigs, curious to see what new shapes would emerge.  New shapes did and so did several rainbows.

Soon the light shifted as it always, eventually does.  I crumbled the baby’s…

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