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Breathtaking Animal Photography from National Geographic

If I am honest, and I do try to be so, wildlife photography leaves me a bit cold. I understand the technical difficulties, the patience required, the dedication, but in the end it’s about being there, however many people think it is the reason to own a camera. Here are some very nice pictures of animals

Nate Zeman Landscape Photographer

A student on one of our courses alerted me to the utterly fantastic landscape images of Nate Zeman. His images prove the point that more than anything the quality of light makes a brilliant photograph. His website has a wide range of landscapes and images of animals that are available to purchase. If you like landscapes then you really should visit his site

We cover some aspects of landscape and wildlife photography in our Travel Photography course starting 9th June

Exposing to the right, or getting it right

I recently posted about Photo-Africa and brought you a great tutorial from Gerry van der Walt on metering exposure, here he explains why correct exposure is so important and how understanding your histogram is vital to getting it right. Here is that article

26 Fantastic Wildlife Photography by Tom Svensson

I am usually a bit so what about wildlife photography, I know the skill level is incredibly high, the equipment costs a fortune but in the end it is a matter of being there, which is more about patience than anything else. That said these are very nice and there is an interesting interview with Tom Svensson so if you are interested in wildlife photography look here

12 Great Online Tutorials on Wildlife Photography

Shooting wildlife can be some of the most exhilarating photographic experiences of your life, it can also be downright frustrating and boring.  Wildlife photography doesn’t need to happen on a safari in Africa, you can do it in local parks and wooded areas, but there is a lot to know about approaching the area, choosing your gear, setting it up and waiting for the wildlife to come to you, then actually exposing each shot.

photo Mike Baird

Winter Meal

Photo by Jan Tik

Because this specific field of photography has so much to learn, we’ve found 12 great online tutorials to help you with with your wildlife photography (in no particular order)….subject areas include

  1. Photo.net’s Wildlife Photography
  2. Nigel Dennis Wildlife Photo Tips and Techniques
  3. Tutorial 9 Wildlife Photography Tips
  4. WildlifeExtra.com’s Wildlife Tips
  5. Nature Focused Wildlife Photography Tips
  6. Digital Photography School’s 4 Tips for Better Wildlife Photography
  7. Paul Burwell’s Top Ten Wildlife Photography Tips
  8. BetterPhoto.com’s How to Shoot Wildlife Photography
  9. Photo How To | How to take Wildlife Photographs
  10. Birds in Nature Photography Tutorial
  11. Wildlife and Nature Photography Hints, Tips and Tutorials
  12. Photo Naturalist

..find the links here

The Three Main Challenges of Zoo Photography (and How to Overcome Them)

For a lot of us, a trip to the zoo is going to be one of our few chances in life to photograph some fairly exotic animals from up close. The unfortunate thing is that a Zoo actually presents a fairly challenging shooting environment…..more

10 Tips to Improve Your Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography can produce spectacular results for the well-prepared photographer. Light Stalking’s newest writer, Chase Guttman, takes us through some tips to ensure your own wildlife photographs really pop…...more

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

Sven Zacek has beautiful wildlife images and a stunning website, do go and visit and buy his book