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How to Keep Your Camera Running Perfectly in the Dead of a Cold Winter

I am sure today is the coldest day of the year here in Oxford, or maybe it is the coldest day of the week, whatever it is just too cold. Cold in Oxford is not like cold in other places where it can be really cold, our cold is just….well cold. Enough, shooting in the winter has it’s pleasures but for me mostly outweighed by it’s pain so getting yourself sorted and ready to go an shoot when it is cold is really important. Batteries have a much shorter life in the cold.

at Lightstalking has an article on this here


For those of us that inhabit Northern climes, the winter is fast approaching. I am sure many may put their cameras into hibernation for the dark days, preferring the comfort of the digital darkroom to the harsh realities of the freezing conditions, for some, outside.

However, by putting your feet up and ploughing through the summers post production, you could be missing some of the most spectacular shots of the year. Time to wrap up warm, wake the camera from it’s well earned slumber and get cold, for today we are going to take a look at some tips for winter shooting. Click Here: How to Keep Your Camera Running Perfectly in the Dead of a Cold Winter