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Round up of this weeks best photo blogs, galleries and photography tutorials

Toad Hollow photography, each week, put together a list of must see photography links to tutorials, galleries, photo blogs and essential stuff for the interested photographer. Have you noticed how most people who has a dslr lists photography as an interest or hobby but most of them only ever express that interest by buying the camera in the first place. You, looking here at our blog and being invited to travel the wonder web with us experiencing and enjoying the fantastic world of photography, are clearly not most people, you are a bit special.

Anyway here is the weekly round up from Toad Hollow via those nice folks downunder at Lightstalking

“The world of photography has produced some great work this week, and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy finding the best tutorials, photography and interesting blogs.  Truly great images have been produced by some awesome photographers, and all the links listed here will take you to see them.  We really hope you enjoy perusing this list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.”….MORE

William EgglestonRed Ceiling

Here is a taste of this weeks offerings from TH


How to Photograph Your Fist Smashing Through a Wall of Water – a great video tutorial that shares some great tips, tricks and insight into this very interesting style of photography.  High drama and intrigue await those who use this technique, producing some truly one-of-a-kind images.

Loire Valley Boathouse – Stressing the Focal Point in Photography – a compelling picture is accompanied by a very informative write-up that discusses the use of focal points in photography.  Great tips, tricks and examples are brought together in the comprehensive post, sure to teach most everyone something of the subject.

14 Composition Techniques that Will Instantly Improve Your Photos – a very well written and informative article on the act of composition.  Great examples are provided with each point discussed, giving the reader strong conclusions and ideas to try in their own work.

Marketing Campaigns for Photographers – Creating a Viral Video – a different perspective on how to market yourself is expressed in this interesting article.  It includes some examples to show how to effectively utilize this technique of personal marketing.

Check out the Toad’s photo blog and gallery of Canadian Fine Art and Landscape Photography.