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Timelapse Photography: A Complete Guide for Beginners

If you’re not familiar with timelapse videos, you’ve probably already seen them but just aren’t aware of it. With timelapse photography, you can take sequential photos captured over a period of hours and compress them into a video of only a few minutes in length – this allows you to see a slowly changing scene at a much faster pace and can open up a whole new world of photography to you.  In theory, timelapse videos are easy to do with your camera – you’re simply taking a few hundred photos, one after another, and then lining them up in post processing. However, to get a stunning, seamless timelapse video, there’s much more involved than spending a few hours behind the lens. By at Lightstalking

Ben Peck

Relative Adjustments in Lightroom 3

If you use Lightroom then this video tutorial has a great tip that is expertly explained, it works in Lightroom 2. I did not know of this method of working but will definitely use it in the future. by Jared Platt