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Photography Tutorial: Travel Photography See the world

Canon have tutorials on their site and this month they turn their gaze towards travel photography, if you are about to go away or plan a trip in the future you might want to check out what they have to say

Travel photography has changed a lot over the last few years. Not so long ago you would take a few pictures and wouldn’t see the results until you got prints made when you returned home.

Today, you can shoot hundreds of images and upload the best to a personal blog or a photo-sharing site. This tutorial will help you make your photos stand out and give other people a real idea of the places you a visited.

         • Packing for your trip
         • What to photograph
         • Camera techniques
         • Back home


Thailand ©Keith Barnes Canon 5D Mk2 24 – 105 f4L

6 Good reasons for hiring a local guide when travelling

When in Laos over Christmas I was fortunate to have an excellent guide, Soun. his knowledge and understanding of his country was so good that it made the trip and photography seamless. This article from Lightstalking adds 6 reasons why this is a good idea

“Travel and photography go together like cheese and wine. But as any traveler will know, there are certain things that can make your life a lot easier while you’re on the road. Photo-journalists have known for years that getting a “fixer” makes things go more smoothly – especially in developing countries. But what about us normal old tourists? Well, a local guide can make things a lot easier for us too. Here are some things that a guide will bring to the party when you’re on your next photographic excursion overseas.”..…..MORE

all images Laos 2012 ©Keith Barnes

The Definitive Guide to Capturing Original Travel Photographs

Those ever so busy folk at Lightstalking have another useful tutorial just in time for the summer hols, well for us over at Lightstalking towers they are entering winter being on the other side of the world from us.

We run a Travel Photography Course but you have missed the start for this term although it will have another start in the autumn so in the meantime have a look at the tutorial

“Photography and travel go together like gin and tonic. Everybody wants to take great photographs when they are seeing new places. The problem is that everybody basically has the same idea and many are likely to see many of the same sites and monuments. A lot of photographs tend to turn out very samey and it can get difficult to get a shot that people think is original or the has wow factor. So let’s take a look at the things that travel photographers can do to add a little originality to their shots, even if the shot is of a monument that has been photographed a thousand times that “….more

Travel photography portraits

Travel photography is often frustrating because you can’t always be in the right place at the right time with the right lighting. What usually happens, though, is you breeze in and out of a village or town relying on serendipity to get good shots.  This is not the way to do it.…..more

You might also be interested in our Travel Photography course starting June 9th


Here are some images from New Zealand that might encourage you to get out with your camera even if the weather and location is a bit bleak. The images are  By: CHRIS SISARICH and the full gallery of his images are here on the Photography Served website, a place well worth visiting for so many great portfolios