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Some Photography Links to Read Over Your Breakfast Coffee

By via Lightstalking. Toad Hollow Photography has been searching high and low all over the internet for the very best links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share as another week passes us by here.  This comprehensive list of some of the very best pictures and posts found is sure to keep the photography enthusiast busy.  The Toad hopes you enjoy perusing this list as much as he did in curating it and bringing it to you.

Be sure to follow the Toad on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute details in the world of photography.  The Toad is active all week online and his sites are always full of the very latest tidbits related to the field of photography.

Here is the smell and  taste of that coffee and croissant……


Innocence Lost, Attitude Gained: Using Juxtaposition To Strengthen Your Portrait Photography – this article from Sandra Hale gives us some really fabulous insight into portrait photography and locations.  Sandra takes us deep into her rationale for selecting certain venues for her work in this very well written piece, and in doing so helps to expand our mindset in the field of portrait photography.

10 Studio Photography Tips For the Best Portraits – this is a very comprehensive list of tips and tricks for studio based model photography.  Everything from lighting, lenses and posing is discussed in this article, delivering a well-rounded piece that contains very useful information.


Dark Sharks – Karen Glaser delivers a stunning series of very grainy black-and-white images captured in the depths of the ocean.  Karen’s images, often surreal in nature, share a compelling and dramatic story of life in the depths.  The high level of grain in these images accents the drama of the set, and her compositions really convey the stunning seascapes that exist under the cover of deep water.

2012 Porsche Boxster S – if you love cars, you will cherish this series of photographs from Rick at Hansrico Photography.  The latest rendition of the fabled Porsche Boxster S is featured against an old industrial backdrop, making for the most amazing images of this stunning red roadster.  These shots are all second-to-none and are well worth the time to visit and view for yourself.

Photography tutorials, links and interesting bits August 2012

We do try to get these out before the weekend but last weekend the sun came calling before Saturday so you can delve into these at work rather than on the beach or in your garden. Much better use of your time at work I think. here again from via Lightstalking

A wonderful week in the field of photography has passed once again, and Toad Hollow Photography has been searching high and low for the best links to tutorials, great photography and interesting links to share with everyone.  These inspirational and beautiful pieces are some of the best seen this week, and the Toad really hopes you enjoy viewing them as much as he did in bringing them to you.

At 3:45 am on a quiet Sunday morning the alarm clock went off and the Toad sprung to action.  An extensive blue hour shoot was scheduled with an exotic supercar, and he couldn’t be late!  The resulting collection of photographs is featured in his blog post “Blue Jet: Corvette Grand Sport“.

Here is just a taste of what is on offer from Toad


Bird Photography Tips | How to Photograph Birds Like a Pro – a great set of tips and techniques is discussed for photographing wildlife in general, and specifically birds.  This is a thoughtful post that contains really useful information for the avid bird photographer.

How to Process 32bit HDR images in Lightroom 4.1 – A.D. Wheeler creates a brief video tutorial that shows the visitor how to work back and forth between Photomatix and Lightroom to achieve the best quality image possible from the workflow.



The King’s Gate at Kastellet – this is a jaw-droppingly good photograph of a remarkable location in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Jim Nix photographs this historic site and by exploiting a perfect composition, Jim captures a great image complete with natural leading lines in the architecture and surrounding details that are brought together with a great vanishing point.

Steady Hand – an absolutely epic scene is captured by Jerry Denham, full of mystery and shadowplay.  As a fisherman makes his way through a fog enshrouded setting along the Little Tennessee River, Jerry takes the opportunity to create a great visual story through his art.

Canyon’s Edge – a gorgeous landscape taken in the Grand Canyon is displayed here in this post by Jason Hines.  Great natural light paints the scene with a deep backdrop of the canyon that appears to go on forever.  This image contains many layers, each revealing their own secrets.

89 Photography Links That Drip With Awesome

By Toad via Lightstalking, striding the globe; from Canada to Australia to back here, bringing you the best tutorials and photography links from the blogsphere this week.

Back from a brief summer vacation, the Toad has been busy all week getting caught up with all the activity in the realm of photography.  Toad Hollow Photography has put together this weeks comprehensive list of fabulous links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs that contain some really incredible images and posts to see.  We hope you enjoy viewing the sites in this weeks list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.

Here is a taste of what is on offer

Synthetica by CEBImagery.com, on Flickr

The Toad’s lovely and talented wife, Mrs. Toad, has been busy with her digital pen lately on their blog.  Check out her latest piece “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice” which takes us inside a kitchen display in a local heritage museum and takes us on a tour of the heart of an old historic home.


10 Tips for Photographing Classic Cars – this is a great list of tips and tricks for photographing cars, now that the season is truly upon us.  Rod Arroyo delivers a brief but totally comprehensive list of considerations and concepts to employ when shooting this type of photography, well worth the time to visit.

This weeks photography links, tips and tutorials

As another week passes us by, the online community has been busy sharing great photographs, tutorials and blog posts.  Toad Hollow Photography has spent the week busy searching for the very best of these pieces, and has compiled this list.  The Toad hopes you enjoy checking out these fabulous images as much as he did in bringing this list to you.

Trey by Jordan Chan, on Flickr

Check out the Toad’s “Free HDR Guides, Tips and News” for the latest news in the world of photography, with a leaning toward HDR.  The Toad is busy finishing off the 2nd edition of his eBooks that will be made available exclusively for free to all subscribers, so sign up now!

Some Photography Links to Improve Your Weekend

From Toad Hollow Photography via Lightstalking

The internet is full of great photographers and artists, all full of talent and passion.  Toad Hollow Photography has been busy all week searching online for the best tutorials, photography and blogs to share with everyone here, and this week’s list reflects some of the highlights encountered.  We really do hope you enjoy viewing the photographs and reading the blogs as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

Gruccione by Lorenzo L M., on Flickr

Check out the latest blog post at Toad Hollow, where Mrs. Toad makes her blogging debut.  “Arriving In Style” highlights a beautiful historic horse-drawn carriage that forms part of the foundation for the settlement of Vancouver Island itself, and Mrs. Toad takes us behind the scenes to learn about its storied history.

Here is a taste of what is on offer


Brick and Mortar Experiment – Blake Rudis shares another great HDR post as he explores and discusses different approaches to capturing and creating his imagery.  The “less is more” mantra is experimented with here, and the results are something you most certainly would not expect.

AskJoeB: The Rule of Thirds Is Boring? – a very insightful post is created here with a set of thoughts regarding a submitted composition by Joe Baraban.  Joe’s concepts behind great composition are key issues we bring along with us on every shoot we do, and this particular piece shares some great tips on this.

New Insight to My Workflow Video – A.D. Wheeler takes us behind the scenes as he processes an image.  This video presentation is sure to help artists of all levels discover new tips and tricks to use in their own workflow.

Day Walkers – Shooting Lightning in the Daylight – what surely is very challenging to do well at night takes on a whole new set of issues during the day.  Scott Wood, a master of lightning photography, delivers a pair of stunning images and shares some of his tips and secrets about this style of photography.  This is a well written piece that is sure to form the basis for thought and practice in the field for those interested.

Some Like it Hotter HTDS – this is a detailed article from Mark Neal that shares some insight into stylizations for image processing to create a specific feel from a photo.  Mark shares great details in this post, and highlights his thoughts with screenshots so the reader can easily take in the lesson at hand.


Eccentricity – once again, our very own Tom Dinning (@tomdinning) here on Light Stalking creates a piece that is sure to make you stop in your tracks, trying to find the deeper underlying meaning.  Tom includes a bit of prose with this great black-and-white photo that creates many questions in the viewers mind, but through it all we’re inspired to live life to its fullest.

Enough Awesome Photography Links to Drown a Fish

From Toad Hollow via Lightstalking or to put it another way, Canada to Australia to UK

It’s been a really fabulous week for photography and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet for the very best tutorials, photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone here.  This week’s list comprises a fabulous set of links showcasing some really incredible works as presented by gifted artists and photographers.  The Toad really hopes you enjoy viewing these images and posts as much as he did in bringing this list to you.

Check out the Toad’s book featuring a very unique look at Vancouver Island and some of the eclectic architecture and features of the area.  “Beneath the Veneer” is available in both hard and soft copy and is presented in the classic photobook style.


Here are some of the tutorials for the full Monty go here


photoFXlab Tutorial – Blake Rudis creates and shares a new video tutorial, this time discussing the merits of photoFXlab, a free image manipulation tool.  Blake’s tutorials are very comprehensive and this one includes him showing the viewer how he used this tool to create a composite image.

My HDR Workflow – A.D. Wheeler takes us along on a video tour showcasing his personal workflow for creating very natural and beautiful HDR landscape images.  A.D. does wonderful work in this genre and this tutorial is sure to teach everyone some tips and tricks on how to work in this style.

ChromaLuxe Metal Print Review – metallic based print mediums used for photography can produce stunning results, we always encourage our customers to order our prints on metallic paper.  Blake Rudis shares his insight into this specific medium by providing a great write-up and some example images to illustrate the incredible results one can achieve.

Some Great Photography Links You May Have Missed Last Week

From the ever useful pages of Lightstalking

As another week passes by Toad Hollow Photography is busy searching the internet for the best links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This week’s list contains some really great images and posts to enjoy featuring the work of some truly gifted artists and writers.  We really do hope you enjoy this list as much as the Toad did in bringing it to you.

Please don’t hesitate to subscribe to the Toad’s Free HDR Guides, Tips and News to receive a copy of the Toad’s first eBook publication.  Work in underway on the next installment which will be made available to all the newsletter subscribers exclusively for free.

100 Awesome Photography Links and Photographs

From the truly excellent Lightstalking

An absolutely wonderful week passes us by, and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy online seeking out tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone here.  This weeks list is a comprehensive selection of some of the best pieces encountered, featuring some really wonderful photographs captured by truly talented artists.  We really hope you enjoy viewing this list as much as the Toad did in compiling and bringing it to you.

All Photography Tutorials and Links June 2012

These come to you from Toad Hollow Photography via Lightstalking, put your feet up, take a break and catch up with the latest tutorials and links.

It’s been a very eventful week in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet for the best tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This week’s list is full of great content and images, and we sincerely hope that everyone enjoys viewing and reading these posts as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you……MORE

Here is a taste of the links:

Low Light Portrait Photography Tips – sometimes the simplest things can generate the best results.  This brief and straightforward post highlights some great tips and tricks on low light photography.

Quick Photo Tip: “When You Get Lucky, Be Ready” – perhaps simplistic in nature, these words provide the perfect backstory for great photography.  Joe Baraban shares some insights and tips about preparing for that next “wow shot” as well as shows some of his best work that exemplifies this concept.  Absolutely well worth the time to visit and read, this post is rather inspiring.


Nisqually Glacier – Scott Wood creates another of his totally unique and utterly captivating IR based pieces in this post.  The otherworldly feel that you take in from this image really creates a strong juxtaposition in the viewers mind that helps to create a renewed sense of interest and love for the world we all live in.

Ione: Unfinished Business – Bob Lussier does a fabulous job of creating this image which exemplifies the pure nature and essence of what drives us personally in our love of photography.  This ability to tell an incredible story with one frame is something that we find to be dramatic and emotional in nature.  Bob finds and shoots a scene that has remained untouched for 50 years, leaving the viewer with a strong sense of connection and longing for more.

Young Turkish Couple, Taksim Istanbul ©John Wreford

The Photography Links List

A long, very long, oh too long weekend here in the UK. Don’t get me wrong I prefer a Queen as head of state (although Graham Norton might be more fun) than some dick of a politician like say Bush or Blair, but do we have to grind to a halt and all be jolly and happy for her; basically for living a long time. I can think of so many better reasons for not going to work although for me most of them also involve visiting an airport and submitting to her majesty’s officials and being treated like a proto terrorist before being allowed to have my fun somewhere else. Admittedly this usually also requires obsequience to some other dictator’s whims.

Anyway I digress, this week’s photography links from the Toad should have been with you before the weekend but here the weekend still has  days to go so maybe….

Theses come to you via Lightstalking “The Toads have been very busy the last few weeks doing shoots on location, and as a result they missed creating their weekly list last week.  Thrilled to be back at it here this week, they have compiled an extensive list of links to tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs for everyone to enjoy.  We really hope you enjoy viewing the images of these talented artists and reading these blogs as much as the Toads did in bringing this list to you.  Without further ado, let’s hop into the great photography, shall we?”

Photographer – at the speed of light by LightStalking, on Flickr

Here are some tasters for you


HDR – Lens Correction – A Short and Simple Sample HTDS – Mark Neal delivers a concise tutorial that shows the reader how to use lens correction tools.  This technique works remarkably well considering the complexity of the image being manipulated.

Showing Scale to Your Photos | Showing Scale Part II – a pair of great posts teaches the reader about the importance of adding scale to an image.  Joe Baraban discusses artistic details in photography that can add a huge element of tension to an image, and in turn create a truly compelling piece.


http://justhundred.com/ – this is truly a special feature based on the great work from Ren Bostelaar.  This online exhibition features a new image every 24 hours and is really a must-visit destination as each day delivers a new image to enjoy.

Special Travel Perks – this is an absolutely epic study in lines in this great post from Theaterwiz.  An empty airport exposes a very compelling bit of architecture that forms incredible natural leading lines and geometries that are mesmerizing beyond proper description.  If you like lines, you will love this.