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Photography Project with a Cat an old masters

I always say to my students, ‘work to a theme’ get an idea and follow it through, explore your subject and see where it leads you

Svetlana Petrova has done just that, here from the BBC website

Russian artist Svetlana Petrova has become known for her online artwork of famous portraits featuring her big ginger cat Zarathustra.

Ahead of a new exhibition bringing the internet meme into a physical setting, the artist tells the BBC why she first created the artwork and how digital technology is helping to create new art forms.

“I lost my mother in 2008 and she left me Zarathustra. I got horrible depression after her death and for two years I was unable to do something creative. By chance a friend asked me ‘why don’t you make an art project with your cat because he’s so funny’
Svetlana Petrova
Mona Lisa true version, based on Leonardo da Vinci
Svetlana Petrova

Venus of Urbino happily ever after, based on TitianSvetlana Petrova

Portrait of an Unknown Woman in Russian Costume and a Very Known Cat in a Vet Collar, based on Ivan Argunov

You should see more of these brilliantly funny images that show great photographic skill and wonderful wit, go here

So what will be your next project, what will you do that has a theme, that engages you, it doesn’t have to be humorous but please do not use Lego figures, it’s been over done, is not clever or funny