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How to Do Wonders With Taking Sunset Photos

From those good folks over at Lightstalking a little bit of advice when taking sunset pictures. I would add to what they say; always having a subject to the picture, never just sky, try using a neutral density graduated filter to enhance the sky and retain detail in the foreground and edit your pictures after the shoot, you really do only want one or two examples of that fantastic sky. If you end up with dozens you will still only ever look at one or two and skip over the rest.

Here is what Lightstalking has to say

Everyone loves a good sunset photograph. The problem is that a lot of sunset photos are a little clichéd and one photo just kind of blends into another. Here are some ideas for getting a great sunset shot that stands out from the crowd.

1) Wait Until After Sunset – While many photographers start clicking away as the sun is setting and hitting the horizon, there is a lot to be said for hanging around 20 minutes after it’s actually gone down. This little bit of time means the lighting isn’t so harsh, and some spectacular colours star to come out that can be captured with a timed exposure.

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Photo by Sergio Tudela