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Ruckenfigur – Steve Walsh

I find often people’s response to others’ creativity is ‘it looks/sounds like…’

I am particularly interested in music, not the serious sort, no it is pop for me, I define pop as not being classical, jazz or country and western, everything else is included. I revel in finding new bands or artists, of course what music they make always sounds like something else, something from the past, I don’t care that it might refer to, or echo a band or artist from the past, in fact I expect it. I so abhor the way new pop is dismissed because it reminds someone of …..everything does. The same so often happens with photography, if you look on the web you will see that everything has been done before but I think being inspired by another creative person is thrilling, realising that maybe you can make something as good, that stands up to the original. Well perhaps they aren’t always as good but what they are is unique, unique to you. You have taken the idea and worked it for yourself.

Steve Walsh is a writer and artist and a very funny man, he works in different creative areas and has an informed interest in photography. He knows all the greats, and understands that there is nothing new and all he can do is make things that are new to him. He recognises that in this series he is referencing Martin Parr, but as he says he is not trying to join Magnum he just enjoys making pictures. Here are some recent pictures in a short series.