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The New Stars of Photography

“In a camera-phone world, serious photography matters more than ever. To capture the medium’s vitality, Smithsonian asked 13 acknowledged masters to choose one emerging photographer who reflects the promise of a new generation. Their selections show that it’s not about the camera but the eye behind it.”

Here is one for you to savour, go here to see who else is considered to be a rising star

Lisa K. Blatt
Shooting Stars: Cindy Sherman presents Lisa K. Blatt

 “My original response to Lisa’s work was visceral. I was intrigued by her minimalist compositions and use of subtle or brilliant color. I found something mysterious in them, as if they were so carefully composed as to be hiding some relevant content that one has to discern. Gorgeous nature photographs tend to seem like documentation and rarely transcend the surface of their loveliness. But while Lisa’s photographs clearly have a simple majestic beauty that has traces of natural or scientific photography, they are transcendent because of what I perceive as this element of an imbued narrative.

Her commitment to rediscovering the mystery and beauty of the hot and cold deserts of the earth, her true passion for these places, makes this work so resounding. It ultimately is a documentation of sorts—of her passion for these places that come alive in her eyes, in her camera.” — Cindy Sherman

Robin Maddock

Shooting Stars: Martin Parr presents Robin Maddock

 “Maddock’s work clearly demonstrates that he is a force to be reckoned with within the tradition of British documentary photography. In his second book, God Forgotten Face, he builds a narrative around the city of Plymouth that just seems to work; the project is heightened by being “for and against” his now ex-girlfriend. Maddock’s views and snatches of life are both surreal and individual. He has the enviable ability to turn nothing much into something quite profound”.Martin Parr

Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/multimedia/The-New-Stars-of-Photography.html#ixzz1nxkyOrS0