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Best Superzoom Bridge Cameras 2011

Whilst doing a little research for a customer on bridge cameras with super zooms I found this website, Safari-Guide with an excellent and very comprehensive report on a variety of these camera types released in 2011 . If you are thinking of going in this direction with your camera gear then this is a must read article.

A superzoom camera is basically a bridge camera with a very powerful optical zoom. Because of the race between camera manufacturers to stay one step ahead of their competitors, we have seen the average zoom range extend from 10x to more than double that figure in only a few years. Now even more than a 30x magnification is available on some bridge cameras.

Today all the best super zoom cameras have a pretty similar design along with zoom ranges of at least 18x, covering ranges from wide angle to super telephoto. What is more, all have some sort of optical or mechanical image stabilization which is essential when working at such extreme magnifications. Other common features include electronic viewfinders, the ability to record HD video modes and full photographic control.”.…more

These are the cameras considered in the article:

Best Bridge Cameras 2011 (With a superzoom)

The cameras I chose to compare are all fairly new, with many have only been announced in 2011. All have zoom ranges over 18x and are from the most popular camera manufacturers.