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8 Effects Every Photographer Should Know About

I thought this was an interesting tutorial even though there are some items I might have excluded in favour of others, with regard to the first, ‘bokeh’ I believe shallow depth of field is an essential tool or approach, blobs of colourful light in the background can look a bit kitsch though. I would definitely have included a section on the use of lines as a means of directing the viewers attention.  If you want a succinct list of possible photographic design tools and ways of photographing to enhance your images this tutorial is a good start point  Tutorial by Rachel Arandilla      I love the use of ‘The Scream’ as an example of rule of thirds

Minimalism: Using Negative Space In Your Photographs

Sometimes it’s nice and refreshing to just strip a photo or scene down to it’s absolute bare essentials. Often times, I get too caught up in trying to fill every part of the frame with something interesting. The problem is, sometimes when we try to fill up the entire frame with objects, lines, people, shapes, etc, we actually overcomplicate things and leave the viewer wanting a place to rest their eyes. By James Brandon We also discuss negative space on our Composition and Black and White Digital courses