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Kodak discontinues colour reversal films, puts an end to a 77-year heritage

Olivier Laurentwrites in The BJP……“.Kodak has discontinued three colour reversal films, BJP can reveal, as the company continues to review its operations. However, says a spokeswoman, Kodak will continue to support its other lines of films………The discontinuation means that Kodak will no longer produce any colour reversal films – commonly used to create slides. However, it will continue to manufacture E-6 Chemicals.”..…MORE

Kodachrome: Final countdown

Not quite the end of film but definitely the end of an era.

The last days for getting your Kodachrome processed are nigh, end of November in the UK this article from BBC blogs tells all http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/photoblog/2010/10/kodachrome_final_countdown.html

Elegy for Kodachrome


Do I care, well not really, I love digital, it has everything I need and has changed how I work only in positive ways (sorry for the pun)