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35 Dazzling and Fabulous Examples of Rain Photography

“Many photographers are fascinated with such phenomenon as rain, and they try to take the pictures, which would show their attitude and perception of the rainy weather. Some raindrops photographs resemble the tears, while other images depict the rain as the vitally important natural phenomenon that ensures the continuation of living. So, maybe it is all about our attitude? Maybe we should learn to see something positive in the things happening to us and the nature? In the long run, the most romantic kisses on the pictures and in the movies are those under the rain.

Shooting in rain produces dramatic atmosphere and soft romantic scenes. Whether you are after lightning strikes or water drops, alone the incredible cloud formations can produce quite exciting and impressive photos. Reflections can occasionally produce mirrors or blurs of dancing colors, making the photography in rain beautiful and unpredictable.But the nature gets the best scenario in rain. Nature just looks so nice during and after rain. So, photographer wants to shoot this best moment of nature in his frame. In this article, I will showcase a collection of dazzling and fabulous rain photography to provide you with some inspiration for rainy motifs. Enjoy!”

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