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Apulia comes to London

London celebrates with Apulia, throughout a week of exclusive events

Entitled “Home, my Place in the World”, the project organised by Accademia Apulia UK, is aimed at introducing the international community to the best expressions of culture, art, creativity and cuisine from one of the most beautiful and traditional regions in Italy, Puglia

The series of events will unfold between 16th and 21st of July 2012, across a number of exciting venues in central London, including La Galleria Pall Mall and the Italian Cultural Institute.

Taking centre stage will be the eponymous art exhibition ‘Home, My Place in the World’ hosted at La Galleria Pall Mall, which will be opened with a private viewing on 17th July. 

Paying tribute to the concepts of identity, tribalism, and homelands the exhibition will include paintings, sculptures, photographs, and video-installations.

According to the International Organization for Migration, in 2010 the number of migrants at worldwide was estimated at 214 million – a figure likely to increase as the world faces economic strife, conflict and environmental shifts.

In this context, the concept of ‘home’ or ‘homeland’ takes on a whole new meaning. Whilst in the past homeland was represented by one’s place of birth, now it is the place where one feels at home. From this perspective,‘political’ barriers between states lose their meaning with everyone becoming citizens of the world.

This summer, when athletes and visitors from every corner of the planet converge on London to celebrate the achievements of mankind, the importance of the World’s rich heritage will be reaffirmed.

More details onApulia and ‘Home, My Place in the World’ can be found here

Photo by Nicola Vinci