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Canon Powershot G series new G1 X

The G series of compacts from Canon have been very popular with the more discerning and let’s be honest professional end of the photographic community. One of the few compacts with a viewfinder but also with exceptional image quality and complete technical and therefore creative control. The G9, 10, 11 and 12 were standbys, spare or back up cameras for many professionals. I have a G10 and as a camera it is perfect to have around, it isn’t ever my first choice, that is my 5D but as a backup and quick grab camera the G10 has been great.

Now Canon have re-worked that standard and produced the G1X which has significant improvements based on the reports. Here Author: Olivier Laurent writes in the BJP

“The Powershot G1 X, which adopts the same naming convention as Canon’s new EOS-1D X digital SLR, packs a 18.7x14mm CMOS sensor – representing a significant boost from the G12 7.44×5.58mm CCD sensor, but still short of Canon’s usual DSLR sensors (22.2×14.8mm). The sensor is said to offer the same pixel size and structure as Canon’s EOS 600D DSLR.

“The increased sensor size allows photographers to have greater control over the depth of field, with increased potential to creatively and artistically isolate a subject from its background……..The PowerShot G1 X will be available from late February, priced at £699.

There is an in depth preview article at the excellent DP Review site here

“The Canon PowerShot G1 X may look like the company’s existing G-series compacts, but is a very different prospect. It’s a large sensor camera with a flexible 28-112mm-equivalent, 4x zoom lens and extensive manual controls. The company says it sees it as a camera for photographers who already have a high end DSLR such as a 5D Mark II or 7D, but at a price of $799, we think it’ll appeal much more widely than that. After repeated waves of cameras aimed at point-and-shoot upgraders, it’s heartening to see a camera really living up to the billing of a ‘serious compact.’

Sounds like it is time for me to buy a new camera

Canon unveils revolutionary large sensor PowerShot G1 X compact

Canon has unveiled its most advanced PowerShot compact camera ever – the revolutionary 14.3 Megapixel PowerShot G1 X – that incorporates a large Canon CMOS sensor, a DIGIC 5 processor and an exceptional 4x zoom lens to offer DSLR levels of control and image quality in a compact metal body.

Designed for professional and serious photographers the PowerShot G1 X is the new flagship model in Canon’s legendary G-series line-up that, due to its superb specification and image quality, stands in a category of its own and redefines the performance achievable from a compact camera.

A top quality camera in its own right, or the perfect ‘second camera’ complement to a professional DSLR, the PowerShot G1 X combines EOS sensor technology with DIGIC 5 processing power, a new, precision Canon lens and extensive manual control to create the finest compact camera Canon has ever produced.

Designed to be a highly portable camera the PowerShot G1 X’s precision Canon 28-112mm 4x zoom lens retracts into a robust metal body, providing an unimposing camera that delivers high quality images and can be used discreetly in any shooting situation..……..MORE