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How to shoot portraits that tell a story about your subject

From Digital Camera World

Reading through this tutorial on environmental portraiture I wonder if the author had attended our Portrait Photography Course as all of what is said sounds like it came from my mouth, maybe they just agree with me. We are aiming to run our next Portrait Photography Course in November, get in touch for the dates

Discover how to shoot and enhance a portrait that ‘tells the story’ of your subject at work or at play.

How to shoot portraits that tell a story about your subject

Environmental portraits are photos of people in their everyday surroundings, whether at work, home, or play.

The idea is to include things that tell us something about the person, and the background becomes their ‘backstory’, so we need to show details and objects that help to explain who they are and what they do.

Of course, it helps if you’ve got an interesting subject and environment to shoot, and we went to the Bath Aqua Glass glassmaking workshop to photograph talented glassblower Will as he produced one of his beautiful and delicate creations.

We began the shoot by taking some candid shots while observing the glassblowing process.

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Depth of Field

At this point in our term we find ourselves talking about depth of field a lot to our students on our Understanding Your Digital SLR Camera Course and on our Understanding Your Compact Camera Course and on the Portrait Photography course it will also get an honourable mention on the Composition course. Depth of field is something everyone recognises but often ignores because it is not catered for in the fully auto settings many beginners choose to use. We think it is one of the most creative tools available to any photographer who photographs things that are reasonable static, which let’s face it is most of us. So I thought a little round up of past posts on the subject would be useful and make it easier for you to find these things on our blog.

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How to Photograph Children Outdoors

From the pages of Lightstalking comes this article By .

I teach about natural light portraiture on our portrait course, the next starts 25th September As you would expect a 4 week course goes into much greater detail than an article can but this might stir your interest in be better at photographing your family and friends.

Children are one of people’s favourite subjects to photograph, but like any subject they present their own photographic challenges. Let’s take a look at a few ways to get the best possible results with photographing children in outdoor conditions.

Why Natural Light is Best

Children, like anybody, look their best when photographed outdoors in natural light.  Soft, natural light gives the face a more natural and pleasing shape, makes the skin appear softer and removes ugly harsh shadows.>>>>MORE

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