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Posing, lighting & editing tricks for flattering portraits of mature subjects

Actually everyone needs a bit of help so don’t just use these for the more ‘mature’ subjects, don’t you just love that use of the word, I’m ancient but rarely mature!

From Digital Camera World

In this tutorial we’ll show you some clever portrait photography ideas you can try – from simple lighting tricks to clever Photoshop edits – to make a subject look their very best, whatever their age….Portrait photographers are repeatedly asked the same three questions: “Can you make me look younger?”, “Can you get rid of my wrinkles?” and “Can you shave off a few pounds?”.

The answer to all three is – within reason – “Yes!” There are several simple things we can do as photographers to make someone look their best, whatever their age and size. And it’s not magic, it’s just a combination of flattering light, good posing, and a few subtle digital trick


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