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An exercise in presumption (Or: How To Transition To A Life of Gratifying Poverty as a Humanitarian Photographer.)

David duChemin is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader. David uses his powers for good and not for evil.

Here is the start of his article on being a Humanitarian Photographer

David duChemin’s Thoughts on Starting Out.

1. First, you don’t need to get paid for your images in order to create great, world-changing stuff. It helps, but it’s not necessary. Thinking so creates a trap and makes your images more about money than about truth and beauty and witnessing to what is and what should be. Money can be a means to an end, but is not the end itself. If it is, you’re in the wrong line of work. Consider commercial photography..….MORE

Mhong village Laos ©Keith Barnes