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A Rough Guide to Adobe Camera Raw

Shooting in RAW and having to spend time processing your images might seem a bore when your camera produces perfectly nice jpegs as you press the shutter release however most serious photographers only shoot in RAW. This is because of the extensive image adjustments you can make to colour and density without producing ugly damaged looking images. Shooting RAW and using Adobe camera RAW found in the various versions of Photoshop and as the backbone of Lightroom has distinct advantages in the range of adjustments but also the plug ins and controls on offer.

On the pages of Lightstalking    gives a basic breakdown of the important options available

“Although many of us now use image management programs to process our Raw files, Adobe’s Camera Raw is still one of the most comprehensive convertors around and benefits from being tightly integrated into Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. One bonus of this, is that its user interface will be very familiar to Photoshop users. In this brief guide, we will give a rundown of ACR’s interface and most important features.

ACR Overall
ACR’s Main Screen

When you open a Raw file in Photoshop, the program will automatically open the ACR plugin and preview the image in a large window. Surrounding this window are the important tools you need for your Raw conversion. Running along the top of the preview window are a set of image manipulation tools, in essence, very similar to Photoshop’s own tool palette.”

Photography Courses 2012

Happy New Year

I hope you had a wonderful holiday period and if you were hoping for new camera equipment it came your way. You may now want to get the most out of your photography and a course is what you need. Our new term has already started but we have courses scheduled through the next three months and I am sure there will be something of interest to you

If you have a camera but only ever feel comfortable using it on the fully automatic setting then you are wasting your potential and could be doing so much better, understanding how to use your camera is the cornerstone of improving your photography, we have courses for those with digital SLR cameras and for those of you with compact cameras.

Most of our courses are evening classes starting at 6.30pm.  Full details of our courses can be found on our website here

Here are some dates

Understanding Your Digital SLR: £80 start dates:  11.1.12;   30.1.12;   7.3.12;   3.3.12 (this is the Saturday morning course for those who cannot make evenings)

Understanding Your Digital Compact Camera – £80 starts: 27.2.12

We also have a 1 Day Version of the DSLR course, there are three dates left this term with places

One Day Understanding Your DSLR –  £90 19.2.12; 25.3.12; 29.4.12

If you have completed one of these course with us or have learned by your own efforts you will understand how valuable the skills you have are and now may want to go further and improve your photography in a more subject driven way. Most people start this by taking our very popular Composition Course, it is subtitled Seeing Pictures because we aim to help you understand about photography in a general way and how you can apply that vision and skill to your own images.

Composition In Photography – Seeing Pictures – £80 starts 2.2.12

The other courses we run are aimed at those with specific subject area interests and these courses really help photographers to learn how to take much better pictures in their chosen subject areas

Portrait Photography: – £80 starts: 1.3.12

Black and White Digital Photography – £80 starts 6.3.12

The Intermediate Photography course we run is a wonderful way to realise that having photography as a hobby is not just about your pictures but also about how what you do with a camera is influenced by the great masters of photography and how you can learn from them. This course is a definite must for anyone who has a good understanding of their camera but wants photography to mean something to them, to make pictures that have impact and beauty. In some ways this is one of our most successful courses because the advancement we see in students images is significant.

Intermediate Photography – starts: 24.1.12 six sessions £97

Photoshop is skill that many photographers want to master because they want to have control over how their pictures will look, they want the final image to be more than just what the camera creates. We teach this by instruction and practical engagement with the software, every class has periods where the students watch how to do something and then have time to practice in class. We recommend the Photoshop Elements program rather than the full version as much because it is only about £60 at the moment on Amazon rather than £550 for the full version.

Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements – £97 starts 22.2.12 6 sessions

If you would like to book a place please send an email and we will make a reservation for you and send further information.

Details of all our courses are here

The Photographers of Vientienne, Laos

Photography Courses Oxford – dates for autumn term announced

Here are the new dates for the autumn term photography courses we run. Full details of all the courses can be found on The Oxford School of Photography website. If you are lucky enough to live near Oxford joining us for one of our courses is a sure way of improving your photographs.

Our courses run three times a year and are always very well supported and we recommend early application for places, to do this just send us an email stating the course name and start date. we will then reserve your place and send you further information.

Understanding Your Digital SLR: 4 different start dates  – 7.9.11;  4.10.11;  2.11.11;  5.11.11
Understanding Your Digital Compact Camera -starts 1.11.11
Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements – starts 13.10.11
Composition In Photography – Seeing Pictures – starts 6.10.11
Portrait Photography – starts 5.10.11
Intermediate Photography – starts 3.10.11
Travel Photography starts 3.11.11
One Day Understanding Your DSLR – 3 different dates this autumn:  25.9.11;  23.10.11;  27.11.11

©Keith Barnes


Photography Course Dates Oxford May/June

Here is the list of course for which we still have places during our summer term. Full details on our web site

Understanding Your Digital SLR: start dates  – 4th May;  21st May;  9th June
Understanding Your Digital Compact Camera -Due to the many Bank Holidays in May we are unable to run this course but it will be back in the autumn
Introduction to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements – starts 4th May
Composition In Photography – Seeing Pictures – starts 5th May
Portrait Photography – starts 9th May
Intermediate Photography – starts 3rd May
Black and White Digital Photography – starts 13th June
Travel Photography starts 9th June
One Day Understanding Your DSLR – 7th May; 19th June; 10th July; 6th August
Garden & Plant Photography 12th June

To book a place please send an email and we will make a reservation for you and ask you to call with payment details so that we can confirm your place. Payment will not be taken until a week before the course starts.