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Travel Photography from Vietnam

We have just launched our new Travel Photography course and I thought these sumptuous pictures from Vietnam might entice you to consider some travel with your camera there are more here

by www.nuevoestudio.com

A handful of dust

These images show that mostly all you need is imagination to make interesting pictures by Thomas Edwards the full gallery is here


I love photographs that force me to create a narrative to explain them, I like images with stories, even if the stories make no sense, the engagement of brain and eye makes for great images. Gregory Crewdson is a master at this, I have blogged about him many times in the past so go back into the archives for posts on him. These pictures by Benoit Paillé have a similar intent. Let me know if you can work out what is going on

London as found by Martin Plonka

This set of images has something about a nether world, hard to pin down, some are really well seen and fascinating, definitely worth 5 minutes of your time, by Martin Plonka