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Henry Janssen – de snackbar

make of these what you will, they are fun, more here by Henry Janssen

Jeremy Blincoe – photographer

I came across a gallery of Jeremy’s work on the photographyserved.com site which is always worth a visit in an idle moment. His pictures have had a lot of work done to them and create an odd other worldly atmosphere, I like them. It was difficult to find out much about the photographer, this is a statement from his behance notes

“I’m a Melbourne based photographer and artist. I’m currently working on two new series. One is focusing on Indigenous Australians and the other explores childhood, imagination and the degradation of the environment. When not exploring and creating pictures I love to go surfing. “

I did manage to find his website but apart from more fascinating images it didn’t tell me much, have a look yourself here

What Everybody Ought to Know About Posing for Portraits

Portraiture is a very popular area of photography, assuming you have family or friends… you probably like taking pictures of them, you get something and so do they. There are many technical issues to consider but the thing that causes most photographers problems is how to help their subjects pose.

We spend a whole session on this in our Portrait course, the next starts on 5th October if you are in Oxford and would like to be a better photographer. If you don’t live near Oxford you may find this post by Darren Rowse on his Digital Photo Schoolblog very useful. He has gathered together a  number of tips from around the web that will help you to pose your subjects better. The 9 different tips include subject areas like hands, power posing?, thighs, bums and other bits…Here is a link to Darren’s post

The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star by Ciril Jazbec

“One thing I love about photography is that you never really know what’s around the corner, what’s your next story going to be. Well, here’s an interesting one. This is a college project that took place between between 6th and 13th of June, where an international team of 28 documentary photographers documented life in the Elephant & Castle. Together with my classmate Myriam we found this interesting community just a few blocks away from our college – the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.”…more

These images by Ciril Jazbec

Metaphors – photography by Jaber AlAzmeh

“They are not horses….nor clouds or chalky hills of white.  They are not freshly white washed walls of clay, negatives of horses drowned by the night stars, or lit by a black moon.
They are all this …  or just horses, black, as light will not reflect them, and white because they were standing here, a while ago, and now you can only see their shadows in black wraith filling the day.”..….more

If you like horses these images may be for you


Sin Tiempo By Michael Crouser

This is a very nice series of images by Michael Crouser, the title implies no time but I think of it as more without time or out of time the full gallery is here

Myanmar a photographic expedition with Steve McCurry

  • A series of images captured during a photographic expedition with Steve McCurry in Myanmar in february 2011. By

  • We seem to be getting a bit of a theme going on here but if the pictures are good go with it is my view

NATURA SERIES Photographs by Carlos Plaza

  • “Natura” is a series of images I have created in the past five years, using natural objects I find anywhere, anytime. It could be some banana leaves I found doing yard work, or a broken sea shell during my morning run on the beach, or a sunflower from an arrangement that dried out in the Florida heat.

    Whatever it is, I pick it up and make an image of it. I love Nature, and for the past 20 years have tried to stay in touch and close contact with her. These images are my tribute to the Mother of all Mothers…!

    “I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn.” – Pablo Picasso

more of Plaza’a pictures here

Mikko Lagerstedt – photographer

I found work by Mikko, interesting, attractive, decorative, worth a look, here is the link to the first gallery and if you like these images from a project entitled Night you might want to investigate Mikko’s own web site here

Pictures from a city – Travel Photography

Part of our Travel Photography course features travel to cities and explains and illuminates the photographic opportunities a traveler can find in a city, these are some interesting examples, there are more here

by Gokhun Guneyhan