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Images with Atmosphere from Finland

On the ever interesting Photography Served gallery site I found these, more here

Metaphors – photography by Jaber AlAzmeh

“They are not horses….nor clouds or chalky hills of white.  They are not freshly white washed walls of clay, negatives of horses drowned by the night stars, or lit by a black moon.
They are all this …  or just horses, black, as light will not reflect them, and white because they were standing here, a while ago, and now you can only see their shadows in black wraith filling the day.”..….more

If you like horses these images may be for you


Processing Perfection – a picture essay about making wine

This is a very nice essay on the production of wine by Kevin Cruff on the Photography Served site


Lyndale Avenue is the longest street in Minneapolis; the only street extending from the northern city limits to the southern city limits. It cuts through the center of town, offering the harried commuter a curious blend of strip malls, motels, laundromats, and dive bars. There’s houses too…….The backyard is our fortress, a sanctuary away from the river of noise, fenced in by our neighbor’s yards. This project is a portrait of my family, and our modern life, on Lyndale.

David Bowman

pictures here


V&A Inside Out (Victoria and Albert Museum London)

The V&A is one of my favourite places along with the British Museum and the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, the last two being places you can still photograph. I love wandering the vast galleries watching the light change, watching the people, just looking and of course photographing. These images are from parts of these museums I have never gained access and must admit to jealousy.

I can’t tell you who these are by as the gallery site where you can see more says multiple owners (what’s wrong with calling them photographers?) anyway go and have a look at the rest

Abandoned WW2 fortifications. on Photography Served

Strange subject matter but quite beautiful images, simple, cool, isolated by Jonathan Andrew



Abandoned WW2 fortifications. on Photography Served.

Rajasthan Places on Photography Served