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Composition in Photography Tutorials

Thoughts on fine art photography

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
Albert Einstein

What are the most important aspects of composing a Fine Art Photograph?  The answer to this question certainly varies from photographer to photographer because each of us places more importance on some aspects than on others.  What follows is what I personally consider to be the most important aspects of Composition. Writes on Lightstalking

This list is excerpted from a longer list that I use for teaching during my workshops and seminars.  The decision to create a shorter list, with only 15 items instead of 37, stemmed from the desire to focus on the essential aspects of composing a fine art photograph regardless of the  subject we are studying or the specific project we are working on. The resulting list is free from a particular teaching emphasis and represents what I look for in a Fine Art Photograph.

1 – Composition is the strongest way of seeing
This is Edward Weston’s definition of composition. It is still my favorite definition of composition

You might like to think about our Composition Course – Seeing Pictures which starts 6th March

Photography Courses with places starting next week in Oxford

Next week we start some of the courses for this new term and we have places on these:

Seeing Pictures – Composition in Photography

A course for those who would like to understand more about composition. Great volumes have been written about composition, often relating to the works of the masters of art since the dawn of painting, we aim to simplify this information and make it digestible for today’s photographers. Referencing the masters of photography using slide presentations and demonstrations we will help you to understand the basics of creating beautiful photographs, photographs with meaning and impact. We will introduce you to the craft of composing pictures: the shapes, lines, colours and juxtaposition of elements, framing and the rule of thirds. This course is much less about subject matter and much more about how you approach your preferred subjects. Starts Thursday 5th May £80

Introduction To Photoshop

This course is for those who have decided that digital photography means doing their own image manipulations on their computers and have chosen Photoshop as their software. Photoshop is a huge programme but we concentrate on the areas that are of direct interest to photographers, the course looks at the full programme and Photoshop Elements. The course is taught by demonstration using a digital projector and by practise in class using the computers in the computer suite. Starts Wednesday 3rd May £97


All of us want to take good portraits, it is something that eludes and frustrates, this course helps to unlock the mysteries of good portraiture. It gives sound practical advice through demonstration, slide presentation and review of assignments. Covering camera types, lens choice, depth of field, posing, props, shooting by available light and a brief introduction to using flash and studio lighting. This course will enable you to make fine portraits of your family and friends. Starts Monday 9th May £80

1 Day DSLR

You will learn about the controls you really need to know, We will show you how to get the very best results by understanding how your camera works, showing which settings you need to understand and how to use them. In class, with a slide show, we will explain what you need to do and then, weather permitting, we will take our cameras out for practical sessions to put those lessons learned in class to good use. The day is broken down into classroom and practical sessions, the former explaining by lecture and slideshows, the latter by hands on practise with a tutor there to help you understand what you need to do. Class sizes are no more than 10 students so there is lots of opportunity for 121 help when you need. Saturday 7th May £90 (only 2 places left on this)