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Photography Competition – Watching The TV

We get requests to publicise exhibitions and competitions amongst other things. Having a global reach as a photo blogger means we have access to so many people that all sorts of companies and organisations are interested in what we say and to whom we say it. We vet these requests and avoid the purely commercial. This request to advertise the 40th anniversary of Vogel’s existence seemed benign enough to pass on, in addition it is a competition that everyone can enter and you might win a TV

©Keith Barnes England 1 USA 0 World Cup 2010 - Brasenose College, Oxford JCR

Vogel’s is a Dutch company that offers mounting solutions for audio and video equipment like TVs. Next year, Vogel’s celebrate their 40th birthday. In that time, Vogel’s has seen significant changes in where people position a television in the living room and the way we watch television.
 To see what these differences are and how people from various countries and cultures watch television, Vogel’s has launched an international photography competition. The theme is ‘watching television in different cultures’. 
 We ask photography students and keen amateur photographers to submit a photo, which captures an individual or group from a particular culture or nationality watching television. It could be anythingfrom a typical Dutch farmer’s family in front of the television with a dinner plate on their lap through to a group of English football supporters watching their team play on a big screen in a pub. Fantastic prizes can be won, the first prize is a television.“…..
Win fantastic prizes AND make fame with your picture
The theme of this international photo contest is ‘how do you watch TV?’. Whether you are a professional or a keen amateur photographer, you could win some fantastic prizes! Besides that, your photo can get famous, as the photos will be published by Vogel’s in international marketing and communications campaigns.
How to enter?
For your chance to win, submit a photo that captures yourself, friends, family, partner, children or anyone else watching TV. Whether it’s a family at home watching TV with a bag of potato chips or a group football supporters watching their team play on a big screen in a pub.

Send your photo(s) to marketing@vogels.com before May 31, 2012 with ‘Photo Contest’ as the subject of your email. Please include your name, address, email address and telephone number in the e-mail. You will receive a confirmation of your participation.

  • You have the consent of all persons in the photo before submitting the photo
  • Watching television is the central theme of the photo
  • The TV doesn’t have to be in the picture
  • Photos are preferably landscape size
  • Size: minimum width 2000 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 10 MB
  • By submitting an entry to this contest, you unconditionally agree to the Terms and Conditions (read below)

Our jury of creative professionals will judge the photos on creativity and photographic quality. The winners will get an individual message notifying them during June 2012 and will be announced on the Vogel’s Facebook page.”  Full details here

NME Music Photography Competition 2011

Do you want to be the next Annie Leibovitz with the chance to tour with the rock and roll gods of your choice, or maybe Anton Corbjin, Jim Marshall or  Bob Gruen well this might just be your chance. The NME is having another music photography competition.

It’s back! We had such an astonishing response to our photography competition last year, we’ve decided to do it all over again.

Our aim is to recognise and celebrate the very best in heart-stopping, retina-searing rock’n’roll photography – no matter where it comes from.

So whether you’re a pro or an amateur, if you’ve think you’ve got what it takes, submit your photos to us. You could win top-notch Nikon camera equipment, plus a photography masterclass right here in the NME office.

Plus – one ultimate winner will go to a festival as our official photographer!  Want to find out more.……..go here

EMA – NME Radar at Great Escape 2011 ©Keith Barnes

EMA – NME Radar at Great Escape 2011 ©Keith Barnes