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Photography Subjects: Landscapes

This is a very nice article by Christopher O’Donnell on the rather excellent Photo Argus site and one well worth bookmarking.

“The subjects of landscape photography are vast and wide – and can be interpreted in many different ways. Rather than go into the specific subjects most commonly used (i.e. lakes, mountains) – I want to talk about the bigger picture – what elements make a successful landscape photo. This will help turn whatever environment you’re in – from the desert to the mountains – into a limitless canvas for your landscape images”.…more

One reason why your prints do not match the image on your screen

This article clearly and simply explains the issues of making a print from your digital image and why colour space has an impact on how your print appears, understanding is better than ignorance.

Written by Matthew Bird “If you have normal vision, you’ll be able to see a wide range of different colors, all the way from a deep violet at the lower end of the spectrum, to a primary red at the higher end. In between these two extremes, you can see blues, greens, yellows and shades of orange. Put them all together and you have the visible spectrum, sometimes known as the ‘color gamut’ of your vision.

It’s quite a wide range, and most man-made devices have a smaller color gamut than the human eye. The most important gamuts for photography enthusiasts looking to reproduce their work are those of monitors and printers. These devices use two completely different ways of creating colors, known as additive and subtractive, and failing to understand these can impact your final print quality significantly.” interested? read more

30 Beautiful Examples of Waterfall Photography

It is often said “A strong man and a waterfall channel their own path”. Waterfalls are among the most exquisite and beautiful wonders of nature. Below we have gathered what we think are great examples of waterfall photography using a variety of methods to capture them. You may think this is difficult to do but in reality the hardest part is finding the waterfall! If you do not know you might want to do one of our DSLR courses. Enjoy.

via 30 Beautiful Examples of Waterfall Photography | Inspiration.







Great Tips for Shooting in the Rain

“Rain, I feel it on my finger tips, hear it on my window pane. Your love’s coming down like rain…. Okay, don’t shoot me for quoting an under-appreciated Madonna song, because that song has inspired me to take well over 100 photos with the self-imposed constraint of shooting during the rain or just after the rain has fallen, and the streets and/or land are still soaking wet (that’s an added tip, put self-imposed constraints on your photography and look at the results, they will amaze you… i.e. only shoot vertically)”…..more?

Best of The Photo Argus 2010

Another blog site with a best of posts for 2010. Photo Argus have many inspirational galleries and Photoshop tutorials and downloadable action

Best of The Photo Argus 2010 | Updates.