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Chloe Dewe Mathews’s best photograph – Uzbek migrant workers

The Guardian has a best shot feature and now it is showing this beautiful picture by Chloe Dewe Mathews

Uzbek migrant workers in Kazakhstan

Photograph: Chloe Dewe Mathews

Chloe is currently  the artist-in-residence at St John’s College, Oxford University.

So very big thumbs up to St John’s

Here is the start of the article about this picture as found in the Guardian

In 2010, I hitch-hiked from China all the way back to Britain. At one point, I found myself near Aktau, on the Caspian coast of Kazakhstan, after thumbing a lift with a Dutch oil worker. I glanced out of the window and saw an almost celestial group of figures, dressed from head to toe in white, moving silently between great columns of chalk. It was quite blinding and I wondered what was going on. We whizzed past, but the scene just played on in my mind. I thought: “I’ve got to return to this place and find out what it is.”…..READ MORE

Photography Internship at Earthwatch

Long term friend of the Photographers Workshop and OSP Crispin Zeeman, who works for Earthwatch, asked if we knew someone who might benefit working at Earthwatch for a bit in a photography related capacity. Here is what he said

The opportunity:

To work with Earthwatch, one of the world’s leading environmental charities, helping develop a new image library for their global research programmes. Earthwatch is a pioneer of ‘citizen science’, bringing scientists and volunteer individuals together to resolve pressing issues affecting ecosystems worldwide. The intern will be joining the international Marketing and Communications team, working out of the Oxford office in Summertown, North Oxford. This is an excellent chance to learn how an organisation like Earhwartch works, how the power of photographs can be used to promote a wider understanding of issues such as climate change, and help communicate the action needed for a sustainable environment. An internship position with Earthwatch is an invaluable career-development experience for individuals.  Here is the full specification of the opportunity




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